October 21, 2013
Use PARAS, accomplish your hospital’s success

Confidence and charisma can save you from the most deadly diseases. Our self-confidence plays a great role in deciding our destination. Such a self confidence is mandatory in every human being to fight against all odds in life. Hence it is the duty of every hospital to not only cure the illness but also imbibe considerable amount of confidence and faith in the patients.

A good hospital always believes in gaining confidence from patients. It is through delivering better patient care that the hospital gains adequate amount of confidence from the people. But it is not that easy to exude confidence unless and until the hospital runs in a systematic manner. Hence hospitals must provide quality care to meet the raising patient’s expectations with higher efficiencies.

PARAS offering a world class healthcare delivery platform that increases the patient’s satisfaction by improving efficacy and enabling patient centric approach. Efficiently managing patient’s details, systematically analyzing quality reports and updating the patient’s EMR can enable better patient care. From the time the patient is admitted to the hospital to the time he is discharged, PARAS ensures smooth patient journey.

The complete hospital flow is patient centric. PARAS has developed its functionality as per the patient’s needs. To cause convinces and comfort in his ill state, PARAS has enabled a HMIS flow that streamlines clinical and ERP flow. From patient’s registration stage to billing stage to buying his medications, PARAS integrated system reduces his waiting time and eases his work. The EMR enabled by PARAS is authenticated and can be accessed by both physicians and patients. Hence PARAS always co-ordinates among multiple channels to ensure better patient care.

September 6, 2012
Challenges to adoption of EMR

August 8, 2012
Dr. Vinoy Singh, Head, Health Informatics, Srishti Software has been featured in the cover story of eHealth Magazine, August issue. Read the story here

June 15, 2012
Know your hospital's EMR

May 22, 2012
Paras EHR helps render quality patient care

HMIS without an integrated EHR saw hospital workflows not properly managed.  The process was time-taking and often resulted in delay in patient treatment. One major drawback was the lack of effective communication and coordination between different departments and doctors attending the same patient. Read More…

May 18, 2012
The Cloudnine Registration desk where PARAS HMIS made the process faster and more efficient

The Cloudnine Registration desk where PARAS HMIS made the process faster and more efficient

May 18, 2012
Srishti Team assisting Cloudnine staff at Pharmacy

Srishti Team assisting Cloudnine staff at Pharmacy

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